Build Housing.

Create your own AuxiBundle which includes; all required permits, energy efficient blueprints, and funding to build a Backyard Home. 


1) Prefilled permit(s) and application(s)
2) County or City pre-approved energy efficient blueprints
3) 100% Funding (powered by ), including Grants, State Funds, and Affordable finance options.


Detailed Step by Step Guides and AuxiHome Community Support means your not alone. 


Grants, State Funding and Affordable financing options matched (powered by for all funding sources.


Simple and Streamlined Document Creation

Design and Planning

Professional support and blueprints for energy efficient Backyard Homes.

Address specific Permits required to build your Unit

County and City permitting departments have streamlined required building permits. Days not months for permit approvals.

Project and Builder Management Support

Project Management by local volunteers means your not alone. Leverage vetted vendors and project managers.

Funding Recomendation Engines

Grants, Affordable Housing Funds, and low cost financing options are matched to available funding sources. Join today for priority access to all funding sources

Property Management and Maintences tools

Join today for priority access to tools and experts.


Partnerships spanning State, City, Real Estate, Finance, and Technology Organizations to solve affordable housing together.


To solve for a tedious and archaic paper process, an efficient process wass created with the best technology solutions available.

We Love California

Alleviate the California housing crisis. Young families, single professionals, and community members need affordable housing.

Give back to your community with advice and discounted services

AuxiHome is open source.  This application and all tools are free.

Learn how you can do your part of the solution.

Build Community

Architects, Builders, Suppliers and Professionals help were you live and do business. Find out how to become a preferred Vendor with AuxiHome.

Become an Guide

Answer questions for friends, family, and neighbors. Your efforts have real impact!

Build technology

For all technical Californians. Code when convenient improve user interface and user experience. Technology for good, remember?.

Catalyst for change

Civic minded? California needs your help. Champion our cause with local and state policy makers. We need engagement at all levels of goverment, help your voice be heard.

Leaders Wanted

Host local Meetups. Our mission is to solve housing woes felt across the Nation. Will rise to the challenge?

Earn Income by helping others

Get trained in project management. Help navigate AuxiHome projects. Learn new skills and get paid!!